The Core Color Plan

Use Color with Intention for Greater Well-Being & Productivity

Colors Gone Wilde

Introducing the Core Color Plan (Revised Edition)


Color preference is a window into greater awareness and understanding. What do your color preferences say about you?

Find out more by selecting a color for each question below. Respectively: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white, black, gray, brown, silver, gold

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1. Imagine yourself as satisfied, fulfilled. What is your inner identity color?

You see yourself as:

2. What color emotionally uplifts and inspires you?

I am motivated by:

3. What color is balancing and gives you a better understanding of self?

I am in harmony with:

How can the information discovered help you expand upon your desires or issues in your life?

Cultural and social experiences shape our relationship to color but personal responses and associations to color can be as unique as a fingerprint. With 28 foundational colors, the Core Color Plan guides you in discovering the combination of colors you are attracted to: your color signature. Understanding your color signature empowers you to intentionally design your life in alignment with what motivates you. It’s a tool for both personal fulfillment and collective expression. It can be utilized in any creative endeavor—whether you decorating a physical space, designing a website, fashion line, or marketing a product. Intellectually we may grasp the power of color, but we are often moved and affected by color in ways that we cannot express verbally or logically. My commitment with the Core Color Plan is to provide you with the knowledge and ability to harness color as a creative force for beneficial and productive effects in interior design.

My latest book "The Core Color Plan: Design with Intention for Greater Well-Being and Productivity" is an easy to use manual for anyone utilizing color in the design of interiors, exteriors, products, branding, or self-development.

For more in-depth understanding see Color Gone Wilde, Introducing the Core Color Plan. It includes the color wheel and color theory with photographic interior design essays on the psychological Archetypes of Color and Metals.