Colors Gone Wilde Introducing the Core Color Plan  ( Revised Edition )

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8.5” x 11” (21.59 x 27.94 cm) Full Color Bleed on White paper 185 pages

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“The act of finding intrinsic value and meaning is personally motivating.
We all have a color signature within us.”

BasiC: Design/Interior Decorating. 

Colors Gone Wilde: Introducing the Core Color Plan helps you realize your potential. Utilizing positive color psychology and a unique methodology, the Core Color Plan helps you discover and contribute your best to the world.

This book gives you interdisciplinary knowledge and tools for applying color in distinctive and productive ways, whether you are a designer, color consultant, architect, product designer, marketing consultant or fine artist.

Colors are primary to both the natural and man-made world. More than surface decoration, color conveys information and facilitates functions, such as organizing, informing, greeting and inspiring. With many choices, color reactions vary widely. The Core Color Plan guides wise decision-making by finding the colors that matter most to you and how to use them in the places where you live, work and play.


Topics include:

  • The Core Color Plan

  • The psychological effects of color

  • The archetypes of color in interior design

  • The color wheel and color harmony

  • Neutral and metal characteristics

  • Color dislikes

“This book imparts more than a ‘how to’ for color selection in the home and workplace. Read this book and prepare for a revelation as you engage with the larger story of color in your life.”

— Karen Keady, Editor and Writer

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