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Debra A. Wilde, Principal Designer, Creative Director

     Debra A. Wilde is an interior designer and color consultant with over 25 years of experience. Her work is rooted in a life-long passion for color and its ability to enhance our lives through design. In 2001, she was recognized as one of the “Outstanding Interiors Designers of Oregon.” Her work is directed toward the beneficial use of color in the architectural environment aimed at uplifting humanistic and social purposes.

     Debra Wilde received her Bachelor of Arts from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and is accredited through the International Association of Color Consultants and Designers (IACC).

     Her book expands on the positive use of color in the environment and makes the tools of her trade accessible to anyone. For more information, see books.

     In addition to being a designer, Debra is a fine artist. To view her artwork, please click the link. (


Our Mission

     At Debra Wilde Design, IACC, MWESB our mission is to implement your interiors design goals from a holistic perspective. Whether it is a residence, business, school, hospitality or healthcare project, we understand the importance of design in nourishing and inspiring the day-to-day lived experience for all involved.

     Years of research and hands-on experience lead to the development of the Core Color Plan, a key design tool we utilize. Blending the art and science of color, it is inspired by the idea that the conscious use of color has a positive and expansive effect on the individuals who live and work in these spaces. The Core Color Plan includes discovering each client’s unique response to color; it is a building block that informs both function and interaction within our design practice.

     Debra Wilde Design also utilizes the ancient Chinese method of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a practice of optimizing the vitality and fulfillment of in habitants through the balance of energy and elements in the environment. Harmony is achieved through the conscious use of color, lighting, furnishings and placement.

What We Do:

  • Interior design analysis and comprehensive color planning
  • Exterior color, residential and commercial
  • Remodel designs, team construction services, CAD and Revit
  • Applied color psychology for product design, color marketing
  • Real estate staging and enhancement
  • Furniture, fabrics, lighting, accessories and art
  • Wall coverings, murals, and custom effects
  • Window treatments: blinds, shades, sliding panels, and soft effects
  • Design coordination and management

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